Custom Pre-Cut Foam With Tool Shapes

Step 1

For custom cut foam send Cascade the following:
  • Tools
  • Inventory sheet
  • Exact dimensions for inside tool box drawer (length, width and height)
  • The number of identical repeats that you are requesting (i.e., how many of the exact configuration you are requesting).

You can designate which tools should go in which drawers. Some customers place the tools in the drawers the way they want them and send us a photo so the tools end up in the correct drawer and in the mechanic's required order and position.

Please note that we will place tools where requested whenever possible. To maintain Tool Control System integrity, some changes may be required. Overcrowding to accommodate all tools at buyer's direction will void the performance warranty and could affect overall quality. We'll help you determine how many tools will fit to ensure the best performance, taking into account the drawer height, etc.

We also do custom cut foam without tool shapes if you'd rather cut your own.

Step 2

We make a foam insert that fits exactly into your toolbox with the exact tools that were sent. It is drawn with your tools and sent via a computer program to water-cut the foam. If you do not specify a plan for each drawer, we will do drawer layouts and tool positioning. The layout will be in logical order and designed for ease of tool removal from the foam. Tools will be placed in drawers allowing a minimum of ½" between silhouette walls to avoid overcrowding and voiding warranty. Where necessary, finger holes are added to small tool silhouettes for quick access. Your templates are stored for future re-orders. The rough-cut panels are allowed to dry for 24 hours.

Step 3

The bottom foam is then thermally bonded to the top panel. No glues or chemical bonding processes are used by Cascade. The finished product is a custom toolbox insert that keeps tools organized and meets government standards.

Custom cut orders require a minimum order of 10 copies per pattern.

Custom Pre-Cut Foam With Tool Shapes